AC:3DS Not Mentioned at E3 or June 21st’s Nintendo Direct

Sorry everyone, AC:3DS was not mentioned at this year’s E3, or the Nintendo Direct video that came out on June 21, which means that the game will probably not come out in North America until 2013. The release date for Europe is officially January 2013, so North America should get it around the same time. So… yeah.

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My Lilypond Party

For a post on this party that I had, you can look at Amy’s post, which says everything. Here’s a link: I’m not a pro or anything with WordPress (or yet, at least) so I made the post in the online editor, and when I went to publish it, a blank post was published. Thanks for understanding!

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I’m un-grounded now, AC:3D updates!


I know, I STILL haven’t posted about my party, and it was almost a month ago! I might not put it up, because I forgot to save the word document draft in WordPress format of it, and, of course, you all know what happened when I put it up in-browser!

But, school gets out June 23rd, so, after that date, expect weekly posts with updates on my town, invites to parties I (probably) will have, and gossip about AC:3D!

Here is your weekly dose of AC:3D awesomeness:

The game will come out in Japan in Fall 2012. The name literally translates into “Animal Crossing: Jump Out!” From this announcement, we can assume that it will release in the U.S. and Europe either late fall, or early winter 2012. I’m hoping that the game will come out on the 10th anniversary of the original Animal Crossing for the Gamecube!

Also, check out the Xat 3DS chatbox! I’m now a member of that specific chatbox, under the name Anna, and some of the people there are also super excited for Animal Crossing 3D to come out! Also, check out the Animal Crossing chat boxes. I’m not a member in any of them, but the people there are really nice, too!

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I need to say this…

I’m grounded, so no new posts for a while. I’m uber sorry, and I’m not sure how long this will take. I’m not quitting, I promise, but I am not allowed to be on the computer at all, nor my 3ds, nor my phone. Nor email. If you want to ask me anything, leave a comment, but be warned, this will take a long time for me to earn back. I’m so sorry.


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My Party At Lilypond































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Games for my party

So if you saw the last post, you know that I’m hosting a party at my town, Lilypond. So I’ve thought of some games, and go ahead and vote on which 3 you like best with a comment.

First Game
Sumo wrestling
I did this at Amy’s party, I think, and it worked out pretty well. So there’s a square of pitfall seeds around you, and you have one other person with you. Your goal is to push them into a hole before they do the same to you, and vice versa.

Second Game
You have three of a certain type of item, like furniture trees, oranges, apples, you get the point. And you play the game of tic-tac-toe with those items, instead of X’s and O’s.

Third Game
I will have path patterns set up in a maze, and I will leave you at the start, and walk to the end. You can run on the maze. This is all up to your honor, and I trust you. There might be a prize, if I make it to a giveaway on ACC by that time.

Fourth Game
Pitfall Race
The classic pitfall race, but without masks. ‘Nuff said.

Fifth Game
Treasure Hunt
There will be one item you need to find, all of the other items will be bonuses.

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Okay, I have finally decided to spoof up my town a bit, so I thought, “Why not have a party??”

So I am hosting a party. It will be on May 4th, from 9 pm-12 midnight ACC (EST) Time.


Here is my town’s information:

Town: Lilypond

Character: Anna

Friend Code: 3525-7604-2010

If I sent you an invite, you get first priority of the spots.

If you did NOT get an invite, comment soon, and you might get a spot!

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