Games for my party

So if you saw the last post, you know that I’m hosting a party at my town, Lilypond. So I’ve thought of some games, and go ahead and vote on which 3 you like best with a comment.

First Game
Sumo wrestling
I did this at Amy’s party, I think, and it worked out pretty well. So there’s a square of pitfall seeds around you, and you have one other person with you. Your goal is to push them into a hole before they do the same to you, and vice versa.

Second Game
You have three of a certain type of item, like furniture trees, oranges, apples, you get the point. And you play the game of tic-tac-toe with those items, instead of X’s and O’s.

Third Game
I will have path patterns set up in a maze, and I will leave you at the start, and walk to the end. You can run on the maze. This is all up to your honor, and I trust you. There might be a prize, if I make it to a giveaway on ACC by that time.

Fourth Game
Pitfall Race
The classic pitfall race, but without masks. ‘Nuff said.

Fifth Game
Treasure Hunt
There will be one item you need to find, all of the other items will be bonuses.

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2 Responses to Games for my party

  1. Amy says:

    Everything seems clear and sounds fun, I look forward to it! Maybe you should comment some of the other guests as a reminder sometime soon. 🙂

    • Amy says:

      Oh, I forgot to vote. xD I think my favorites are the treasure hunt, maze, and tic tac toe, but all of them sound good and I think playing all these games would keep the party busy, fun, and not be to much. 🙂 See you soon!

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