My Party At Lilypond































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8 Responses to My Party At Lilypond

  1. Lenora says:

    OMG!!! My ENTIRE post isn’t showing up AT ALL!!!
    Is this happening for anyone else? I can’t see my very FIRST Wi-Fi post! WAAAHHHH!

  2. Lenora says:

    The only problem was that I made the post right in the WordPress website! It’s okay, I plan to have the new (and improved so you can actually see it) post up by the end of the week. Lenout

    • Choco says:

      wow, ChocOUT, LiamOUT, LenOUT.
      can’t believe some people have been using this. 😆 (including me)

      btw, i look forward to your post Lenora!! 😀

      • Lenora says:

        Sorry for not posting in so long! I haven’t been playing AC much at all, since I lost my game card, then finally found it a month later, opened it up, and discovered that I’d deleted my town! I hope to get into it again when AC:Jump Out! comes out, though.

  3. Recoaune says:

    It showed up for me. In bookcoolness did you say you want to be called lydia?

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