I’m un-grounded now, AC:3D updates!


I know, I STILL haven’t posted about my party, and it was almost a month ago! I might not put it up, because I forgot to save the word document draft in WordPress format of it, and, of course, you all know what happened when I put it up in-browser!

But, school gets out June 23rd, so, after that date, expect weekly posts with updates on my town, invites to parties I (probably) will have, and gossip about AC:3D!

Here is your weekly dose of AC:3D awesomeness:

The game will come out in Japan in Fall 2012. The name literally translates into “Animal Crossing: Jump Out!” From this announcement, we can assume that it will release in the U.S. and Europe either late fall, or early winter 2012. I’m hoping that the game will come out on the 10th anniversary of the original Animal Crossing for the Gamecube!

Also, check out the Xat 3DS chatbox! I’m now a member of that specific chatbox, under the name Anna, and some of the people there are also super excited for Animal Crossing 3D to come out! Also, check out the Animal Crossing chat boxes. I’m not a member in any of them, but the people there are really nice, too!

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One Response to I’m un-grounded now, AC:3D updates!

  1. Amy says:

    Aww, I hope you’ll put it up! It’s a shame the WordPress editor messed up in the first place, though. 😦 I also usually type up entries in Notepad first.

    I’m also excited for AC:3DS! The release date being on AC:GC’s anniversary would be very cool. 😀

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